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EuroDIG’s key principles are "always open, always inclusive". During the programme drafting process we do not exclude any proposal. Instead of accepting or disregarding session proposals, we call for issue proposals (not sessions) to be discussed on the next EuroDIG agenda and cluster them accordingly. The aim is to identify submissions which can be incorporated in one session while reflecting different perspectives. Download submissions & stats

Some proposal submissions may be clustered in a category that does not match the initial expectations of the submitter. To avoid such misinterpretations, subject matter experts are involved in the clustering and programme drafting process.

All submitters and the community were kindly invited to comment on a first draft programme outline.

Now the programme is consolidated and all submitters are invited to join the various org teams. This is the best way to accommodate all individuals and stakeholder groups willing to participate in shaping the final programme.

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Download the consolidated programme outline




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