Call for issues and proposals for Lisbon 2013

NOTE: At this stage of the programming process, we are focusing on topics and issues and not on sessions. What means, we do not (yet) want proposals for speakers but a clear focus on European issues and the political agenda (not the development dimension and the like). We also want to be clear from the beginning that approval and listing of proposals does not mean any invitation (incl. travel subsidies etc.) for submitters. And depending on the number of proposals we may receive by the end of year, we cannot grant that all of them may be considered – like we tried for Stockholm.

In the upcoming programming process for Lisbon 2013 we need to avoid a sort of duplication or “just more of the same”. Therefore we would like to cover and focus on emerging issues on the European agenda. The proposals received will be compiled, clustered and listed at the beginning of 2013 at the website. These inputs from the community will be reviewed at the EuroDIG planning meeting on 29 January 2013 in Lisbon and serve as substrate for a first draft of the Lisbon agenda. This outline will be then reviewed by the community again.

Please submit your propasal here.


date: 13/11/2012