South Eastern European Dialogue on Internet Governance (SEEDIG)


The South Eastern European Dialogue on Internet Governance (SEEDIG) is a sub-regional Internet Governance Forum initiative dedicated to open, inclusive and informal dialogue on Internet governance issues among all interested stakeholders from South Eastern Europe (SEE) and the neighbouring area. 

SEEDIG aims to function as a process that includes an annual meeting, as well as inter-sessional activities. This process is planned and run in a bottom-up, open, inclusive and transparent manner, by a multistakeholder group of individuals from SEE and the neighbouring area (the SEEDIG community), with support from various entities from beyond the region.

Annual meetings

SEEDIG holds annual meetings, in different countries in the region, with the aim to foster dialogue, cooperation, and exchange of information on Internet governance and digital policy issues relevant for the regional community.

SEEDIG held its first two annual meetings in June 2015, in Sofia, Bulgaria, and in April 2016, in Belgrade, Serbia. Each of the two meetings brought together over 100 participants coming from more than 15 countries that could be considered as part of SEE and the neighbouring area.

The third annual meeting will be held on 18 May 2017, in Ohrid, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and will be hosted by the country’s Agency for Electronic Communications.

Inter-sessional activities

In addition to the annual meetings, SEEDIG also engages the regional community in inter-sessional activities. Examples of such activities include: Internet governance related surveys, monthly summaries of Internet governance and digital policy developments in the SEE region, monthly briefings focusing on digital challenges in the region, etc.

In line with its objective of creating synergies between regionally relevant Internet-related concerns and challenges and the pan-European discussions on Internet governance, SEEDIG has evolved 2016 is being built as an integral part of the EuroDIG process. Thus, the two initiatives run a joint call for issues to be discussed at their respective annual meetings. Moreover, the results of the SEEDIG discussions are to be integrated into the EuroDIG session planning process, and become part of the EuroDIG programme. Additionally, SEEDIG intends to contribute to the preparation of a South Eastern European-focused session for EuroDIG.

As a multistakeholder, open and inclusive forum, SEEDIG welcomes individuals and entities from all stakeholder groups (governments, intergovernmental organisations, civil society, private sector, technical community), particularly from, but not limited to, countries in South Eastern Europe and the neighbouring area. Everyone interested to contribute to the  SEEDIG processpreparatory process for SEEDIG 2016 is invited to  join our dedicated mailing list or send us an email.

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