Planning meeting

16 January 2020

Discuss the programme

EuroDIG planning meeting 2020, Videos

See the videos from the planning meeting:

  • EuroDIG Planning Meeting 2020 morning session, part 1
  • EuroDIG Planning Meeting 2020 morning session, part 2
  • EuroDIG Planning Meeting 2020 afternoon session, part 1
  • EuroDIG Planning Meeting 2020 afternoon session, part 2

Meeting documents

Who did register?

List of participants who confirmed to publish their name.
(sorted by family name ascending):

  1. Aladashvili, Giorgi – Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University
  2. Andersson, Eva Christina – Group member: DIGIT_EFP7
  3. Baral, Sunita – Sajha Foundation
  4. Barletta, Debora – APICE - Agenzia di Promozione Integrata per i Cittadini in Europa
  5. Buckiridge, Chris – RIPE NCC
  6. Campling, Andrew – 419 Consulting Limited
  7. Carbone, Anna – Politecnico di Torino
  8. Cookman, Ruth – Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, UK Government
  9. Coppola, Alessandra – APICE - Agenzia di Promozione Integrata per i Cittadini in Europa
  10. Creelman, Ross – ETNO
  11. Crépin-Leblond, Olivier – EURALO
  12. Dergacheva, Olga – Independent cosultant
  13. De Silva-Mitchell, Amali – IT Economic Policy Analyst / Futurist; WSIS IGF ++
  14. Donck, Frederic – internet society
  15. Elefante, Enrico – APICE - Agenzia di Promozione Integrata per i Cittadini in Europa
  16. Erbguth, Jörn – University of Geneva, Geneva Macro Labs, Geneva School of Diplomacy
  17. Gaetano, Roberto – EURALO Individual Users Association
  18. Gevorgyan, Katarina – Global AM LLC
  19. Hoferichter, Sandra – EuroDIG
  20. Koch, Peter – DENIC eG
  21. Koehler, Tom – connecting trust
  22. Länsipuro, Yrjö – ISOC Finland
  23. Mahdavi, Ahmad – Entomologist/ ecotoxicologist, ICT for agriculture and environment/ University of Tehran/ and Sustainable agriculture and environment.
  24. Malaja , Polina – CENTR
  25. Mazzone, Giacomo – EBU-UER
  26. Oghia, Michael – Global Forum for Media Development
  27. Pals, Auke – YouthDIG
  29. Petrova, Gergana – RIPE NCC
  30. Rodewald, Rainer – EuroDIG
  31. Roman Casas, Antonio – AUPEX
  32. Rotert, Michael – eco Association of the Internet Industry
  33. Schauermann, Elisabeth – EuroDIG
  34. Schneider, Thomas – Swiss Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM)
  35. van Rhijn, Arnold – Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy (NL)
  36. Wilson, Kirsty – Euro Youth Mental Health

How to get to the meeting venue?

Please find detailed information on how to reach the meeting venue by different means at the web site of ICTP.

How to get from the Trieste Airport to ICTP

Trieste is served by Trieste Airport (formerly Ronchi dei Legionari Airport). Airlines that connect to Trieste include Alitalia, Ryanair, Lufthansa, JAT, AirDolomiti, Belleair.

Visitors can reach the ICTP campus by bus (Airport Bus E51), links to timetables can be found here.

The bus stops are located across the street from the airport in the new "Intermodal Hub". Check the display screens in the airport for bus departure times.

Bus E51 runs from the airport to Trieste and has a stop at Grignano (pronounced greenah'no) close to the ICTP campus and the Adriatico Guesthouse. The Adriatico Guesthouse is downhill from the bus stop. To reach the Adriatico Guesthouse, turn right down the small road "Via Junker"; the road eventually turns into a series of steps leading to the water's edge. The Adriatico Guesthouse is on the right.

At the airport, bus tickets can be purchased at the Agenzia Turismo FVG on the ground floor or from the automatic machine at the arrivals hall. The cost of bus tickets (as of May 2019) is: Airport-Grignano: Euro 3.35. Airport-Trieste Centrale railway station: Euro 4.05.


16th January 2020 – Public Planning Meeting

Venue:Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP),
Adriatico Guesthouse,
Via Grignano 9,
34151 Trieste,
Attendees:open to all interested Europeans
9:00  Registration
  • Host welcome and opening remarks by host and partners
  • EuroDIG 2020 – what would we like to achieve?
  • What is new in the programme planning process?
    11:00-13:00Review and discussion of proposals to build a draft programme
    • A closer look into the 8 thematic categories / 5 min each category
    • What is missing? Additional programme input.
    • Building a draft programme
    13:00-14:00Lunch (self-paid at the cafeteria in Adriatico Guest house)
    14:00-16:00Continuation of the morning discussion
    16:30-17:00An outlook to the new EuroDIG website and AOB
    17:00Get together at the cafeteria in Adriatico Guest house

    Host 2020

    in cooperation with

    Institutional Partners