The Youth Dialogue on Internet Governance (YOUthDIG) is a yearly pre-event to the European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG) aimed to foster active youth participation. Young people (ages 18-30) from the pan-European region with a strong interest in Internet governance, digital policy and cooperation are invited to apply to participate!

YOUthDIG 2021 – CfA results
The call for applications for this year‘s youth track has ended, and over 80 people have applied. Applicants are based in 27 different countries, but a third of submissions came from Italy, our host this year. As was the case in previous years as well, female applicants are in a slight majority (circa 55%). Most applications stated that the theme they are interested most is Human Rights and Data Protection, with Sustainability and Environment on second place.

The YOUthDIG 2021 Org Team, which consists of former participants, is now tasked to select around 30 YOUthDIGers.

Selected participants have the opportunity to:

  • Experience peer-learning and networking with youth residing in Europe
  • Learn about Internet governance and how to get involved in Internet Governance Forum (IGF) processes
  • Discuss and exchange ideas with experienced Internet policy practitioners
  • Develop policy messages and present them at EuroDIG and the global IGF

The YOUthDIG Program consists of an online phase (April – June 2021) with regular exchanges, presentations by participants and virtual learning opportunities, and the participation in the on-site meeting (June 26 – 30) in Trieste, Italy (if eventual travel restrictions allow).

Participants are required to actively participate in both phases, contribute to the drafting of the Youth Messages, and contribute to the EuroDIG 2021 programme by joining Org Teams and supporting sessions.

You are eligible if:

Review & selection

If the requests for funding meeting the aforementioned criteria exceed the available funds, the selection process will be made by the YOUthDIG programme coordinators and the programme committee in collaboration with the EuroDIG Secretariat by taking into account the need to achieve a diversity of participants, in terms of:

  • Geography (countries & minorities represented, including from the host country);
  • Gender balance;
  • Academia, non-academia;
  • Organised youth, non-organised youth;
  • As well as the consideration of people less represented in general

All applicants will be informed about the status of selection by March 14, 2021.

Duties for selected participants

  • Actively participate in online phase (virtual meetings between April and June 2021)
  • Actively participate in EuroDIG session planning (find out more on the EuroDIG website)
  • Actively participate in onsite YOUthDIG (26-28 June) and EuroDIG (28-30 June)
  • Contribute to the 2021 Youth Messages (see past youth messages here)
  • During EuroDIG Sessions, take on the role of Remote Participation Moderator (training will be provided)