YOUthDIG Application form 2023

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The overall application period has ended at 10th February 2023, 23.59 CET. Applicants residing in Finland can still apply.

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About YOUthDIG

1. Personal information

Are you part of a youth initiative?*
Country of residence* Applicants residing in Finland can still apply.
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2. Participation in YOUthDIG 2023

Have you participated in a YOUthDIG before?* Those who participated in YOUthDIG before cannot be selected again.
Have you participated in a EuroDIG before?*
Which theme in the realm of Internet Governance interests you the most?*

3. Health and Safety

Please make sure that your vaccination status allows you to travel.

4. Travel support

EuroDIG 2023 is planned to be conducted in a hybrid format. Selected YOUthDIG participants will be invited to participate on-site at the 2023 YOUthDIG and EuroDIG in Tampere. Those participants can request travel and accommodation support in line with the EuroDIG travel support policies and will get a travel cost refund after successfully completing their online and on-site participation in both YOUthDIG and EuroDIG. In case of the EuroDIG 2023 meeting having to be held in a fully virtual setting again due to public health concerns, travel arrangements will not be supported and the YOUthDIG program will be held virtually too. See our FAQ for more information about travel support. EuroDIG 2023 is planned to be conducted in a hybrid format. YOUthDIG will be planned as an on site meeting.

Please indicate what type of financial support you request*

If you request travel support, please estimate the airfare (or train) costs involved (in Euro). (The maximum amount for travel support will be in line with the EuroDIG travel support policy for 2023.)

Do you have any constraints or needs that we should be aware of so we can prepare for your successful participation at YOUthDIG and EuroDIG? If selected we will be in touch to discuss how we can assist.
Privacy policy
I agree with the collection and processing of personal data submitted in this form in accordance with EuroDIG’s Privacy Policy for the purpose of participating in the application process for YOUthDIG, if selected for participating in YOUthDIG and EuroDIG, if applying for travel support for the use of granting travel support to attend the 2023 YOUthDIG and EuroDIG meeting in Tampere and for reporting purposes towards sponsors. I agree with the use of the given information for statistical purposes and for being contacted by the organizers of the events.

Please note, that by applying for participation in YOUthDIG and EuroDIG you consent being photographed, filmed or otherwise recorded at the events (YOUthDIG and EuroDIG). These materials may be used and shared through EuroDIGs websites, via its social media or for printed documentation and are subject to our Privacy Policy.