Call for issues (not for sessions)

+++ The call for issues for the 2020 programme will presumably start on 1 October 2019 on this page.+++

1 October – 30 November 2018

Which issues should be discussed in Europe in 2019?

Access & literacy Development of IG ecosystem Human rights & data protection Innovation and economic issues
Media & content Security and crime Technical & operational issues Other

List of proposals for 2019

Innovation and economic issues
Inclusive urban innovation and how it can solve social problems
Tirziu, Andreea-Maria | 10-23-18 | 09:26
Development of IG ecosystem
The Internet of Context - the next step after the Internet of Things (IoT)
Tirziu, Andreea-Maria | 10-23-18 | 09:35
Security & crime
Future challenges for smart cities: Cyber-security and digital forensics
Tirziu, Andreea-Maria | 10-23-18 | 09:37
Access & literacy
Redefining civic engagement in the digital age
Tirziu, Andreea-Maria | 10-23-18 | 09:39
Innovation and economic issues
Digital driven technology and changes of the labour market. High technologies now are a huge support for our states and society, because make any...
Filina, Natalia | 10-23-18 | 19:59

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