Call for issues (not for sessions)

1 October – 8 December 2019

Which issues should be discussed in Europe in 2020?

During a joint call – for EuroDIG and SEEDIGthe South Eastern European Dialogue on Internet Governance – we are asking for issues (not for session proposals) of high interest to many stakeholders across Europe.

In order to structure the proposals we suggested the following categories:

Access & literacy Development of IG ecosystem Human rights & data protection Innovation and economic issues
Media & content Security and crime Technical & operational issues Other

You may suggest up to three (3) issues. If more than three proposals are submitted from the same person or organisation, only the last three proposals will be considered.

Overarching theme for EuroDIG 2020

The overarching theme for EuroDIG 2020 is: “Towards a sustainable governance of the Internet” – and is aligning with the themes that have been identified by the EuroScience Open Forum. We would welcome if your proposal for EuroDIG could take this focus into consideration.

List of proposals for 2020

Innovation and economic issues
Taking into account the recent development regarding digital taxation, it is important to discuss the current state of affairs concerning potential...
Baghdasaryan, Meri | 12-09-19 | 20:42
Technical & operational issues
Universal Acceptance
Galila, Abdalmonem | 12-10-19 | 11:38
Human rights & data protection
Transborder data flow - After having GDPR as the main axis of data protection regulations, a lot of issues concerning personal data protection arise...
Gugunava, Dimitri | 12-10-19 | 13:50
Innovation and economic issues
Fostering the connections between Internet operators and the research community
Buckridge, Chris | 12-10-19 | 21:56
Innovation and economic issues
Future proofing regulation in the internet: How can regulation be effective in handling rapidly evolving technology and how it is being used in...
Buckridge, Chris | 12-10-19 | 22:26

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