Call for issues (not for sessions)

1 October – 30 November 2018

Which issues should be discussed in Europe in 2019?

Access & literacy Development of IG ecosystem Human rights & data protection Innovation and economic issues
Media & content Security and crime Technical & operational issues Other

List of proposals for 2019

Security & crime
Privacy in Internet. In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, we have focused on what Facebook knows about us. We understood that our personal...
Filina, Natalia | 10-23-18 | 20:18
The topic is: "Digital Ethics" The question is: How do we integrate ethics (plural) in our digital worlds (plural) and how do we assess / validate /...
Garcia, Nuno | 10-24-18 | 12:17
Access & literacy
Disconnection from digital media - how is the users' right to an informed and free use of digital media being undermined by addictive strategies by...
Jorge, Ana | 10-29-18 | 11:57
IT innovation is technically and economically driven. But how about ethics? Everything can and will be possible in the future, it is just a question...
Gerkens, Arda | 10-30-18 | 20:42
Technical & operational issues
We have several issues to discuss: 1) Intrenational collaboration in cybersecurity 2) Inclusiveness in Internet governance 3) social and educational...
Anisimov, Mikhail | 11-01-18 | 09:23

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