Call for issues (not for sessions)

1 October – 30 November 2018

Which issues should be discussed in Europe in 2019?

This is a joint call, both for EuroDIG and SEEDIG – the South Eastern European Dialogue on Internet Governance (SEEDIG). We are looking forward to receiving submissions until 30th November 2018 / 24:00 UTC.

Please note: This is a call for issues, not a call for sessions or workshop proposals. We expect issues to be of high interest to several stakeholders across Europe. In order to categorise proposals more easily, we have provided a few categories that can be assigned to issues proposed.

Access & literacy Development of IG ecosystem Human rights & data protection Innovation and economic issues
Media & content Security and crime Technical & operational issues Other

You may suggest up to three (3) issues. If more than three proposals are submitted from the same person, only the last three proposals will be considered.

The call for issues is closed now. Please have a look at the breakdown of submissions.

List of proposals for 2019

Security & crime
Privacy in Internet. In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, we have focused on what Facebook knows about us. We understood that our personal...
Filina, Natalia | 10-23-18 | 20:18
The topic is: "Digital Ethics" The question is: How do we integrate ethics (plural) in our digital worlds (plural) and how do we assess / validate /...
Garcia, Nuno | 10-24-18 | 12:17
Access & literacy
Disconnection from digital media - how is the users' right to an informed and free use of digital media being undermined by addictive strategies by...
Jorge, Ana | 10-29-18 | 11:57
IT innovation is technically and economically driven. But how about ethics? Everything can and will be possible in the future, it is just a question...
Gerkens, Arda | 10-30-18 | 20:42
Technical & operational issues
We have several issues to discuss: 1) Intrenational collaboration in cybersecurity 2) Inclusiveness in Internet governance 3) social and educational...
Anisimov, Mikhail | 11-01-18 | 09:23

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