Programme drafting

December 2019 – February 2020

Evaluation of submissions and programme draft

During the joined call for issues we are asking for proposals for both, the 2020 EuroDIG and SEEDIG programme. Subject Matter Experts review all proposals that are submitted for EuroDIG and cluster them into thematic subtopics. A draft programme outline will be discussed during the public planning meeting in January 2020 in Trieste, Italy and will be open for comments 2 weeks thereafter.

Our aim is to accommodate all submissions in the EuroDIG programme, because our concept is not to reject or accept proposals, but bring together people that can contribute to a session from different perspectives. We believe this truly fosters a multi stakeholder discussion, both during the session planning process and the EuroDIG event.

Org Teams are open and everyone is invited to join at any time!

We invite to subscribe to the Org Teams of your interest after the draft programme is agreed on and the shaping of Org Teams starts in March. Get involved in shaping the consolidated programme! All information you will find on each session sub page in the EuroDIG wiki. There will also links to archived mailing lists be provided that will help you to catch up even if you join at a later stage.

Find out more details how to organise the sessions.

Schematic diagram of the EuroDIG planning process

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