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cybersecurity is no longer the keyword - "Survivability" is. Today, the global cyber and non-cyber threat landscape is not what it was just a few years ago and a teenager has the capability to shut down a city with the click of a button.   Politically-motivated cyber-attacks with the aim to change the political and economic direction of nations and terrorist-destruction motivated cyber-hacks continue to rise unabated while resiliency, continuity and cyber security strategies and solutions continue to fail daily and on unprecedented scales.   Society, including businesses, governments, and people are being cyber breached, often crippled or devastated too routinely. Fake News, Cyber Terror have become the norm.    How then are top decision makers of nations and organizations to:   Secure their national and organizational “Survivability”?Accelerate and grow industrialization and manufacturing sectors, deliver universal healthcare, ensure food security for all or deliver to all citizens access to decent and affordable housing?How can they thrive competitively today and in the 21st century?

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