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How to efficiently implement emerging technologies and at the same time safeguarding the privacy and human rights? Since the first time the internet has connected the human population across the globe, it developed from a technical solution into an ecosystem on top of which powerful platforms and businesses emerged. Governance rules, policies, and regulations followed to help design a framework for a system of technologies of communication and computation that never existed before. The development of new technologies such as IoT, AI, Blockchain and their convergence, on top of the internet, has grown into previously unimaginable use cases. At the same time, internet governance and the legal framework are not unified and differ in terms of how IPSs are regulated in different jurisdictions. Is the internet open and inclusive, or it is managed by throttling broadband providers? Specific to the CEE region, research has shown a high involvement of the IPSs with the political structures and a significant lack of transparency. Dismasking gatekeeper from an open and accessible internet is an important governance topic, as it is the right to own consumer’s data and to protect their privacy. Especially due to the forthcoming implementation of 4G and 5G technology, allowing the collection of big amounts of data from IoT devices. Governance mechanisms and best practices need to be put in place in order to address citizen’s privacy when it comes to private data and the internet.

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Markezic, Marina




Civil society


Human rights & data protection


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