Information letter No. 2/15

During the public planning meeting the community agreed on the EuroDIG 2015 overarching theme: “Shaping the Internet together”.

  •  Preliminary programme out now for comments. Based on the results of the planning meeting and the online voting, we drafted a first programme structure, which we would like to present herewith for further review and consultation by the community until 15th March 2015. This draft version still needs more specifications and tuned focus. Session titles are working titles – except for the opening session “Shaping the European Internet together”. The proposal ID number (chronological among submitted proposals) is related to the proposed sessions in the programme outline.
  • Interested in organising a session? Let us know! After this consultation focal points will be contacted and organising teams created, according to the list of submissions. All teams are open to anyone willing to participate irrespectively if they submitted a proposal or not. The responsibility for the evolvement of each session is on the focal points and their organising teams in coordination with the EuroDIG Secretariat. We kindly ask organizers to follow the EuroDIG session principles.
  • Are you planning to organise a side event or a flash session? As every year we like to provide space for your side activities before or during EuroDIG. Please let us know until 30th March 2015 if you are planning a pre- or side event, or if you like to organise a 30 min flash session. For these activities you don’t have to follow the EuroDIG session principles. We will assist you with the logistics.
  • Introducing the South Eastern European Dialogue on Internet Governance (SEE). A pre-event dedicated to stakeholders in South Eastern Europe and the neighbouring area will take place on 3 June 2015 under theme: Multistakeholder Internet governance: from the global debates to South Eastern European realities.This event is aimed to promote a better understanding among SEE stakeholders on Internet governance (IG), to raise their awareness and to encourage actively participation in regional and international Internet governance processes, thus creating a framework for multistakeholder discussions on IG issues that are particularly relevant to the region.

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