Information letter No. 3/15

  • Registration is now open: You can now register for the 8th EuroDIG and the South Eastern European pre-event (SEEDIG) until 31 May 2015. It is free of charge and open for everyone. We can offer special hotel prices for the main venue Kempinski Hotel Marinela. Please find all details at the EuroDIG Sofia event page.
  • Have a look at the programme: The programme structure has been finalized now. It still needs more specifications and tuned focus. Session titles are working titles – except for the opening session “How can we shape the digital single market together?”. According to the list of proposals we related all respective numbers to the proposed sessions in the programme outline. Additionally a number of side events will be organised, which are of course open for EuroDIG participants.
  • Join the session org teams!:The organising teams for each session have been created and they are just about o start their work. If you are interested to participate in an org team just let us know or visit the EuroDIG wiki. This is the place where org teams publish their work and where you can get involved in any session of your interest. The wiki aims to keep all information and workflows in one place. Additionally it increases the inclusiveness and transparency of the EuroDIG process by allowing other interested people to join the teams at any time - according to our slogan: “…always open, always inclusive and never too late to get involved”. We held recently a webinar about how to organize a session at EuroDIG. If you are interested please have a look at the slides or listen to the recording.
  • Focal point/organising team for workshop on “Open source” needed: Open source was proposed as a topic to be discussed during the upcoming EuroDIG. So far nobody agreed to take the lead on this session. Please contact us if you like to organize a workshop about open source until 20 April 2015. If nobody volunteers will we remove this topic from the EuroDIG programme.
  • Did you know…:…that Bulgaria is among the countries were most people celebrate Easter according to the old Julian calendar which is one week later than the Georgian calendar this year?

With this we wish you a happy Easter break all across Europe!

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