About the New Media Summer School

The New Media Summer School (NMSS) is the youth section of EuroDIG. At the NMSS young people (18-27 years old) from across the European continent network and prepare for EuroDIG. It is a process culminating in a pre-event to EuroDIG lasting several days. During the event participants have the opportunity of

  • peer-learning with youths from other European countries and background,
  • discussing and exchanging with experienced net politics practitioners,
  • working on the yearly youth statement to be presented at EuroDIG and the global UN IGF,
  • preparing with peers further actions and campaigns to raise their voices during EuroDIG.

Each year youths residing in all European countries are encouraged to apply to the fellowship and proactively represent the European youth throughout the EuroDIG process. The call for fellowship applications will open in February 2017. 

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