Information letter No. 1/16 - Join our planning meeting!

The next EuroDIG will take place from 9-10 June 2016 in the heart of Brussels, at the Square-Meeting centre. EuroDIG 2016 is hosted by EURid in cooperation with the European Commission.

We wish you a peaceful and prosperous new year! We are looking forward to another EuroDIG event and hope to meet you there!

Get involved now if you want to shape the programme!

  • Check and evaluate all submissions. We received overall 132 proposals in all categories for SEEDIG and EuroDIG which are well balanced in all aspects (stakeholder, region, gender). “Human rights” is by far the category with the most submission (35) followed by “Development of the IG ecosystem” (19). Please find the complete list enclosed and the breakdown here. You are now invited to express support for the topics you would like to discuss during EuroDIG in June. Please use the voting tool but keep in mind that this is only a complementary way to gather feedback from the community. Submissions with the highest score will not become automatically the most prominent session.
  • Another possibility to discuss all submissions will be during the EuroDIG 2016 open planning meeting on 26 January 2016 in Brussels. Everyone is invited to participate in the public planning meeting, taking at the Albert Borschette Conference Centre / Brussels. Please register and find all details here. Registration will be closes on Wednesday 20 January 2016 / 24:00 UTC. During the meeting we will agree on the overarching theme for EuroDIG, evaluate all proposals and discuss how the results of SEEDIG, which takes place on 22 April in Belgrade, will feed into EuroDIG. The joint call for issues is a great basis to enhance the linkage between SEEDIG and EuroDIG. We will also offer remote participation for those who cannot come to Brussels. Details will be published on the website shortly before the meeting.
  • Messages from Sofia. During the IGF in João Pessoa we distributed the Messages from Sofia. If you like to get some copies for distribution among your networks please send us an email. You can also find all reports, pictures and (some) videos in the EuroDIG Wiki.
  • Hotel reservation: Through our official housing partner, the Brussels Booking Desk, we provide reduced hotel rates. Book through the simple-to-use reservation website or with booking agents here.

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