Creating the programme

EuroDIG is not a usual conference organized top-down by a small committee. It is a platform where YOU can set the agenda and shape the issues.

Until 31st of December 2016 all interested individuals and organisations suggested topics for the agenda of EuroDIG 2017. The consolidated programme is the result of all submissions, including the discussion during the public planning meeting and the feedback we received during the comment period.

We try to accommodate all submissions in the EuroDIG agenda, because our concept is not to reject or accept proposals, but bring together people that can contribute to a session from different perspectives. We believe this will truly foster a multi stakeholder discussion, both during the session planning process and the EuroDIG event. The programme is based on the submissions and the results of the public planning meeting as well as the feedback we received by the European community.

Visit the EuroDIG wiki for session details.

Download the consolidated programme

Forming Org Teams

The responsibility for the evolvement of each session is on the Organising Teams (Org Teams). They work in coordination with a Subject Matter Expert and the EuroDIG Secretariat. Once the programme is consolidated we reach out to all submitters inviting them to join the Org Teams but anyone else willing to participate can become a member of the Org Team too. You can contact Org Teams via the session email provided in the EuroDIG wiki on each Session page.

Everyone is now invited to join Org Teams. Find out more about the next deadlines and steps for EuroDIG 2017.

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