Geneva Internet Platform
Session reports from all 21 main sessions at EuroDIG 2018. Read more ...

CENTR (Council of European National Top-Level Domain Registrars)
EuroDIG 2018 in Tbilisi: exploring new frontiers and looking into the (digital) future Read more ...

Report of the NRI Assembly at EuroDIG 2018
As during previous editions of the EuroDIG, a meeting between the national, sub-regional and Youth IGFs of Europe was held during the 11th EuroDIG meeting in Tbilisi. Read more ...

Media coverage from the launch of the cooperation project: Fight against discrimination, hate crime, and hate speech in Georgia
The project ‘Fight against discrimination, hate crime, and hate speech in Georgia’ builds on long standing cooperation between the Council of Europe, the Georgian Authorities, Judiciary, law enforcement agencies and Civil Society partners to strengthen Human Rights standards and ensure their enjoyment for everyone in Georgian society. Find the media sources at the EuroDIG Wiki.

Wolfgang Kleinwächter, Professor Emeritus at the University of Aarhus on CircleID
EuroDIG Tbilisi 2018: Positioning in the New Complexity of the Global Internet Governance Ecosystem. Read more ...

And there are alternative messages sumarised by Dusan Stojicevic ;-)

  • We need to develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) in order to develop an ethical code for AI. Artificial Intelligence will never understand sarcasm. So, expect sarcastic hacking in future years.
  • EuroDIG 2028: robots are discussing whether they should shut down the research on human intelligence vs. the ethical side of continuing the research.
  • IDN is not an acronym of "IT Develop Network", but for "Innovation Doesn’t Needed". By speaking English in an IDN session, we missed target audience.
  • Blockchain is a chain which your brain produces to block it when you try to understand it.
  • GDPR session: the moderation by non-European citizen, clearly made a point of GDPR jurisdiction.
  • It's premature to speak about any kind of neutrality with a teenager like EuroDIG. I also feel like a teenager – my favourite topics at this EuroDIG school were the breaks.
  • Discussions continued after sessions - when you need to explain what DNS is after a session of the future functionality of the DNS
  • IoT session solved the problem of what to do when you're stuck in an elevator: don't jump, try to hack it.
  • Dangerous crypto party took place under constant surveillance from next door: Organiser’s secretariat was watching - do they behave and is there no loud music on the party?
  • Weather feeling social components: rain on the gala was helpful for people to connect closely, whilst the stop of rain helped to further explore their new connections.
  • The noise in the hall was such a big problem, it forced even Germans to speak Russian.
  • Sun during coffee breaks made people to squeeze in the shadows, and therefore connection rate was 15 percent higher compared to a break without sun.
  • Opening ceremony was a good yoga exercise – lips are moving in complete silence, while speakers were mumbling the mantra. If you want to combat hate speech, the opening ceremony gave you a good example of how to.
  • If you think that these messages are hate speech, let's go outside to solve the issues. If you are bigger than I am, I will use my right to be forgotten, or maybe we can meet at the bar with water coolers to cool off and drink a coffee.