EuroDIG programme, 4-6 June 2018

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4 June 2018 | Day 0

■   11:00-13:00 | LOLITA
Newcomers briefing session
with Subject Matter Experts, also part of the YOUthDIG

■   12:00-13:00 | CENTRAL ROOM
Cybersecurity and international norms: The work of the Global Commission on Stability of the Cyberspace
International norms for the behaviour of state and non-state actors in cyberspace and a holistic approach to global cyberdiplomacy.

■   12:00-14:00 | EVENT ROOM
Copyright reform in Europe – expectations and reality, benefit or harm?
In the ongoing debate on copyright reform, proposals like mandatory content-filtering technologies to monitor user-generated content and creating a new exclusive right for press publishers raise a number of questions regarding their impact on users' fundamental rights.

■   12:00-14:00 | MASTER ROOM
Don’t forget silver surfers – Digital inclusion and literacy focused on seniors
?Daily activities and access to different services imply a necessity of “getting connected” and “staying connected” for digital migrants. Digital transformation often causes confusion and challenges for adults even though many of them manage digital technology tools.

■   13:00-14:00 | MAP ROOM
ICT Cluster Presentation
Presentation of the project on the creation of ICT Cluster in Georgia

■   13:15-14:45 | CENTRAL ROOM
Fight against discrimination, hate crime and hate speech in Georgia
How to combine legislative, capacity building and awareness raising actions to ensure appreciation of diversity, peace and prosperity in Georgia.

■   14:00-15:30 | LOLITA
Meeting Start Ups PART II
Moderated discussion

■   15:00-16:30 | EVENT ROOM
UNESCO Internet Universality Indicators as a comprehensive tool for enhancing free, open, right based and inclusive Internet
Building on the vibrate consultation UNESCO conducted on defining UNESCO Internet Universality Indicators at EuroDIG 2017, this session aims to present the final indicators and advocate it as a comprehensive tool to help European states and stakeholders to measure Internet policies.

■   15:00-16:30 | MASTER ROOM
Open session of the IGF Dynamic Coalition on the Internet of Things
IoT is inevitable, and next to offering new business opportunities, it is also a key component to enable dealing effectively with a number of key societal challenges. Yet it comes with challenges, too – ranging from safety, to security and privacy issues.

■   15:00-18:00 | CENTRAL ROOM
It is a tradition that European national and regional IGF's (NRI's) are gathering during EuroDIG. The meeting is open and any interested individual is welcome.

■   16:30-18:00 | EVENT ROOM
Council of Europe – Steering Committee of Cybercrime at Eastern Partnership Project: Capacity building on cybercrime and electronic evidence
Project partners and the management team from the Cybercrime Programme Office of the Council of Europe will hold the planning meeting and Steering Committee of the joint EU/Council of Europe project on Cybercrime@Eastern Partnership.

■   16:30-18:00 | MASTER ROOM
Meeting of the Freedom Online Coalition
Protecting Human Rights Online – efforts by the governments: The Freedom Online Coalition.

■   18:00-20:00 | GARDEN of ROOMS HOTEL
Welcoming cocktail

5 June 2018 | Day 1

■   09:30-10:15 | GARDEN HALL

  • Dimitry Kumsishvili, Vice Prime Minister of Economic and Sustainable Development of Georgia | remote participation
  • Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society (video message) | remote participation
  • Sandra Hoferichter, Secretary General EuroDIG | remote participation

■   10:15-11:00 | GARDEN HALL | remote participation
Open mic session

The cryptoparty workshop showcases responses to today's digital privacy challenges that every user can include in their online routines and regain great deal of control over her own privacy going forward. Thanks to Snowden's revelations, we all have been made aware of how our communication is intercepted daily.

■   11:30-11:45 | GARDEN HALL | remote participation
Lightning talk – Tusheti project

  • Rati Kochlamazashvili, Executive Director of Tusheti Development Fund
  • Mercy Tembon, Regional Director for the South Caucasus, Europe and Central Asia, The World Bank

■   11:30-13:00 | EVENT ROOM | remote participation
EDU 1: Is GDPR still a mystery?
Did you notice that magical data protection shield which is now protecting you online? Probably not. In an innovative format, we'll let you have the floor and discuss what's the mystery, challenge or question you're tackling with.

■   11:45-13:00 | GARDEN HALL | remote participation
PL 1: Bridging the urban-rural digital gap – a commercial or community effort?
Telecom infrastructure is mostly built commercial by ISP. In unprofitable usually unserved on underserved areas Community Network (CN) is a possible alternative solution. CN are funded through donations – local, municipal of state funds or other grants. This funding disrupts markets.

■   14:30-16:00 | EVENT ROOM | remote participation
EDU 2: The Domain Name System – How it works
This is a basic training on how the domain name system (DNS) works. The training explains the underlying infrastructure of the DNS, the stakeholders involved, and why and what you should know about IP addressing to understand the DNS. Attending this session will give you the means to more effectively participate in other EuroDIG sessions.

■   14:30-16:00 | GARDEN HALL | remote participation
WS 1: Platform and data neutrality – access to content
Net neutrality is not the only challenge – it is being overshadowed by/coupled with challenges of platform/data neutrality, ie discriminatory behaviour of dominant content platforms. The effects on access, education, literacy and freedoms can be huge, yet discussion often don't go beyond net neutrality related to ISP.

■   14:30-16:00 | MASTER ROOM | remote participation
WS 2: Privacy is everywhere: how to deal with emerging problems?
Protection of privacy has always been an integral part of efforts to ensure protection of human rights. There are old and new challenges in these directions, which need innovative and new solutions. Their implications and interventions should be considered while designing new approaches.

■   14:30-16:00 | CENTRAL ROOM | remote participation
WS 3: Create your digital future: transforming lives and businesses in Europe
The future is here ... but are we there yet? Join us as we explore the opportunities and challenges of digitalisation in Europe and the way forward to transform the lives and businesses to shape our digital future as Europeans.

■  16:30-16:45 | GARDEN HALL | remote participation
Claudia Luciani, Director of Democratic Governance and Anti-Discrimination, Council of Europe

■   16:45-18:15 | GARDEN HALL | remote participation
PL 2: Information disorder: causes, risks and remedies.
The session will deal with problems arising from certain types of use of social media channels and possible remedies to address them. The purpose of the session is to shed light on the effects misinformation, disinformation, malinformation, false and fake news can have on democracy and the climate of society.

■   16:45-18:15 | EVENT ROOM | remote participation
WS 4: DNS quo vadis – addressing challenges and the future functionality of the DNS
The Domain Name System is a vital component of the internet infrastructure and required for both security and basic functionality. Recently, a variety of conflict points have emerged that include but are not limited to (geo)political shifts and disagreements, a lack of clarity over abuse fighting, and issues of architectural and technical nature.

■   20:00 | Club UNDERWHEEL
Gala evening
Busses will be leaving starting from 18:30 at Chovelidze Str. main entrance of the Rooms Hotel

6 June 2018 | Day 2

■   09:00-09:30 | GARDEN HALL

  • Mr. Yushi Torigoe, Deputy Director of the Telecommunication Development Bureau and Chief of Administration and Coordination Department, ITU | remote participation
  • Lawrence E. Strickling, former Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information and Administrator, NTIA, U.S. Department of Commerce | remote participation

■   09:30-10:30 | GARDEN HALL | remote participation
PL 3: Competition in a data-driven world: how to ensure sustainable growth?
Data is the oxygen of the digital economy. It has enabled new business models and is fundamentally changing economic dynamics. According to McKinsey for example, the impact of international data flows on economic growth is with $2.8 trillion now larger than traditional flows in traded goods.

■   11:00-12:30 | EVENT ROOM | remote participation
EDU 3: Building on a blockchain
Join us for discussion on most talkative issue on the Internet. We will try to explain how Blockchain works, what the main characteristics of cryptocurrency mining are, and how smart our future contracts can be. Knowing the basic framework will help you understand the potentials of this novel technology.

■   11:00-12:30 | GARDEN HALL | remote participation
WS 5: IoT – economic opportunities and security challenges.
This session will look at IoT from 3 different perspectives: end user, policy maker and industry.

■   11:00-12:30 | remote participation
WS 6: Universal acceptance – is the Internet reaching the people it needs to?
There are limitations to the character strings that will be accepted by some software. Is this limitation an obstacle to the universality of the Internet?

■   11:00-12:30 | CENTRAL ROOM | remote participation
WS 7: Surveillance, laws and governments vs. Internet rights
Internet created new abilities and made development easier. Ether for realization, ether for violation of basic rights. Governments vs. Societies, Freedoms vs. Survellance. Laws: inherited, newly developed, implemented, planned. We'll make short review on current situation in Europe.

■   12:30-14:00
EuroDIG General Assembly

■   14:00-15:30 | GARDEN HALL | remote participation
WS 8: Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and the Future of Work
What are the ethical and rights considerations in relation to AI and the future of work? Come, find out and contribute!

■   14:00-15:30 | MASTER ROOM | remote participation
WS 9: Non-state actors in Europe and beyond: The true shapers of cybersecurity norms?!
While often involving technical matters, cybersecurity is a socio-political realm where various voices from academia, business, and civil society have called for the development (and enforcement) of pertinent norms. This session looks at non-state actors as key norm shapers.

■   14:00-15:30 | CENTRAL ROOM | remote participation
WS 10: Your Freedom of Expression vs. mine? Who is in control?
Freedom of expression remains a central tenet of every democratic society. But what are the limits of such freedom and who is controlling our ability to express ourselves freely online? Are governments curtailing freedom of speech? …

■   14:00-15:30 | EVENT ROOM | remote participation
WS 11: Converging markets and blurred borders – challenges for e-commerce in Europe
In the digital economy services are merging more and more across different sectors. Many of these services are bundled into integrated offers. In addition, markets are integrating and national borders are becoming less relevant and therefore allow increased cross-border trading.

■   16:00-16:15 | GARDEN HALL | remote participation
Vlad Radysh, Government Relations Director, Bitfury Group

■   16:15-17:15 | GARDEN HALL | remote participation
PL 4: Blockchain – a competition to governments?
The blockchain technology promises trust that is independent from government or business institutions. What are the use cases of this technology? What impact does this have on development and society? Will governments become obsolete?

■   17:15-17:45 | GARDEN HALL | remote participation
Future of the IGF

■   17:45-18:00 | GARDEN HALL | remote participation

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