Programme 2020

EuroDIG 2020 was planned to take place as a three-day meeting from 10-12 June, in Trieste, Italy, at the International Centre of Theoretical Physics (ICTP). EuroDIG was to be a satellite event in the overall programme of the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF), and the overarching theme, ‘Towards a sustainable governance of the Internet’, was aligned with ESOF’s focus areas.

Because of the SARS-Cov-2 Pandemic we could not meet in Trieste in person and EuroDIG 2020 was held as a fully virtual meeting.

We have built strong ties to our host, and all other Italian cooperation partners and we are looking forward to visiting Trieste next year and continue the European Dialogue with the scientific community.

During the call for issues we received around 180 proposals for the EuroDIG 2020 agenda. During a public planning meeting in Trieste stakeholder agreed on focus areas:

  • Cooperation, legislation, standardisation: Contribute to and continue with the follow up process on the UN HLP Report in particular participating to the round table discussions on recommendation 5 a/b
  • Leverage connecting the unconnected: All matter access, 5G, community networks, East-West relations
  • Data governance and data security
  • Media issues (ongoing): fake news, literacy, journalism
  • all matter DNS: security, standards

With a record of 1200 registered participants from all over the globe, this first virtual EuroDIG could open its metaphorical doors to many people who would have otherwise not participated. We are happy to see that this year’s programme [ohne link] has resonated with many stakeholders. The active and insightful contributions not only from guest speakers, but from all participants made EuroDIG2020 a wonderful event to host. We hope it also was a good experience for you.

If you missed it or would like to revisit a topic you can watch the streaming. Messages, transcripts, facts and figures you can find on the EuroDIG Wiki. Detailed reports from workshops and plenaries can be found on Digital Watch.

Thank you for your feedback!
The feedback from participants was positive and showed that we reached our aim to be entertaining, interactive and created a sort of community feeling in the virtual space.

Read our virtual meeting report!
We compiled our experience, as well as technical specifications and equipment lists in our virtual meeting report.

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