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Montag, Okt. 5, 2020
Programme planning for EuroDIG2021 starts tomorrow!

We invite the whole EuroDIG Community to join tomorrow’s (October 6) first virtual planning meeting in which we kick off the programme cycle for EuroDIG2021. The 2021 meeting is foreseen to be held in Trieste, Italy, after 2020 taking place fully online. Dates will be communicated soon.
The upcoming meeting serves as an opportunity to review our programme building processes, gather ideas on how keep improving EuroDIG for session organisers, participants, and newcomers. Your input will be much appreciated!

We start at 13:00 CEST, you will be able to find the call-in details no later than two hours before the meeting on the EuroDIG website, alongside other resources.

New EuroDIG website

Speaking of the EuroDIG website: we recently re-launched our online presence, making it easier to navigate, and especially highlighting ways to get involved, individually or with an initiative.

On you can now test the new look and feel. You can review the 2020 messages, learn more about European Internet governance initiatives, find out more about concrete steps you can take in order to become an active part of the EuroDIG community.

It is never too late to get involved and enter the dialogue with other European stakeholders for an open, accessible, and trustworthy Internet.

EuroDIG Secretariat
Twitter @_eurodig | Facebook @eurodig

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