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Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2020
You can shape EuroDIG2021: Call for Issues is open!

In last week‘s planning meeting, the EuroDIG community confirmed that the open call for issues, as EuroDIG has been conducting for years, is the most accessible way to build the program for the yearly meeting. The call for issues aims to gather ideas in a bottom-up manner, from all stakeholders in order to identify the key topics for EuroDIG2021.

You can now submit up to three proposals here, in which you outline why a certain topic is of special interest for European Internet policy processes. It is important to note that this is not a call for session proposals. Based on your thematic input, the EuroDIG Subject Matter Experts are going to cluster and structure the themes for 2021, and with the help of the EuroDIG Secretariat, suggest a draft programme.

The call for issues is open until December 6, 23:59 UTC. We are looking forward to your proposals and especially encourage people who have never submitted before, and are new to EuroDIG, to get involved in the process! Visit our website to learn more.

EuroDIG at the Internet Governance Forum

The first virtual UN Internet Governance Forum is approaching, starting on November 2, and concluding on November 17. You can register to participate until 26 October on the IGF website. EuroDIG will be present with a virtual booth, here you can find more information on how to get in touch with us during the IGF.

EuroDIG Secretariat
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