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Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2020

Last week, we conducted an Open Forum in Phase I of the Internet Governance Forum. We discussed the impact and potential of the EuroDIG Messages, and the way forward. You can re-watch the stream on the IGF YouTube Channel (Link to video).

With the IGF 2020 Phase II in full swing, we would like to invite you to follow the EurroDIG inputs in the following high-level sessions and contribute to the discussion:

Main Session: Digital Cooperation, November 12, 17:50-19:20 UTC

NRI Main Session: The Role of the Internet in Emergency Situations, November 13, 16:50-18:20 UTC

You are also cordially invited to join the informal EuroDIG Get Together, 16, 11:20-12:10 UTC

The Call for Issues for EuroDIG2021 is open until December 6. Please submit your ideas and inputs on the EuroDIG website.

EuroDIG Secretariat
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