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Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2020
Public Planning Meeting, YOUthDIG & Breakdown of Proposals

Call for Issues – Breakdown of Submissions

Last Friday, we closed the Call for Issues for EuroDIG2021. We have received 97 submissions, which is a slightly smaller number than last year, but we are happy to see people who have not submitted before doing so this year. Usually, we can do a lot of outreach at our booth during the Internet Governance Forum, which only existed in a reduced virtual form. We thank everyone who submitted their ideas. You can find more information on the submissions on our website and the EuroDIGWiki. Our Subject Matter Experts are now clustering submissions in order to come up with a draft programme.

Public Planning Meeting

The Public Planning Meeting for EuroDIG2021 will take place either on February 2 or 4 as a one-day online meeting. Please mark your preference in this Doodle Form:

In the meeting, the proposals and programme drafts will be presented and discussed. Everyone who is interested can participate, the registration will open in January.


The youth track of EuroDIG will also take place in 2021 as a pre-event to the main meeting. Young people under 30 from the pan-European region will be able to learn about Internet Governance, build a network, and become an active part of the EuroDIG community. YOUthDIG, as has been done in the prrevious years, is shaped and organised by former participants. We hope that we’ll be able to bring many young people to Trieste for EuroDIG next year! The call for applications opens on January 18.

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