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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

EuroDIG Extra, YOUthDIG & Planning Meeting

EuroDIG Extra - We are starting 2021 with a new format!

Last week, we released the publication Media and Content: A Decade of Change – Coping with the digital shake-up. It is the first in a series of publications and the next edition on the cluster security and crime is already underway.

The recent political development, in particular with regard to the role of social media networks, is already calling for a continuation of the debate and we would not like to wait until the EuroDIG event in June. This is why we invite you to a virtual EuroDIG Extra session on 29th January 2021, 10:00-12:00 CET on the topic of SoMe vs Politics: Who’s the Boss? Registration is open on the EuroDIG website.


YOUthDIG2021 – Apply now!

The Call for Applications for YOUthDIG2021 is open! YOUthDIG is an opportunity for people between 18 and 30 years of age to learn about Internet governance, become a part of the EuroDIG community, and advocate for their Internet policy messages. YOUthDIG2021 will consist of an online phase (April to June) and all selected participants receive funding to participate on-site in the YOUthDIG event (June 26-28, 2021) and EuroDIG (June 28-30, 2021) in Trieste, if travel restrictions and the public health situation allow.

The application is open until February 7, and we encourage all young people based in Europe with an interest in Internet governance to apply here.


EuroDIG2021 Planning Meeting

Get involved in the EuroDIG2021 programme planning by joining the virtual Planning Meeting on February 4! Participation is open to everyone, but registration is required in order to receive the call-in information. Find the agenda and registration here.


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