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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Consolidated programme is available

The programme for EuroDIG2021, taking place June 28 to 30, can now be found on the EuroDIGWiki. The wiki is the central space for the collaborative session planning, which is at the heart of EuroDIG, with a template for every session, deadlines for planning steps and possibilities to share information and resources. We encourage you to have a look at the different topics and formats and get a wiki account by emailing

Are you interested in contributing to sessions?

We invite everyone – especially newcomers – to become part of the session planning from the get go! Already now, you can join one or several Org Team(s) by signing up to the respective mailing lists. You can find the mailing list for each session by visiting the consolidated programme on the EuroDIGWiki, clicking on the session title and going to the “Get involved” section.

Each session in the main program will have a Focal Point, who guides the Org Team members and takes responsibility for session organisation.

We are currently approaching potential Focal Points, so don’t be surprised if it takes a bit of time until the Org Teams are fully formed. The mailing lists are the central point of communication, so don’t miss signing up.

Re-watch EuroDIG Extra Vol. II

Last week's EuroDIG Extra Session on the potential of a Multi-Stakeholder High Level Body (MHLB) in the IGF+ model is now available to re-watch. Find all information on our website. Big thanks to Mark Carvell for moderating!

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