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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Youth IGF Russia

The First Youth Russian Internet Governance Forum is going to take place on 6 April, 2021. In this virtual event, participants from across the globe will be able to discuss the development of the digital cooperation and youth-related aspects of Internet governance, as well as to share their ideas and solutions. You can find more information and the registration on

Call for Org Teams

EuroDIG2021 is happening in three months already (June 28-30, 2021), and we invite you to join one or more Org Team(s) in order to leave your mark on this year’s programme and actively contribute to the sessions that interest you most. How to do so? Just have a look at the consolidated programme on the EuroDIGWiki and find the section “Get involved” on the session pages. By signing up to the mailing list linked there, you’ll become part of the collaborative Org Team of that session.

We wish happy Easter holidays and happy Passover to all those who celebrate!

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Perspective | Anyone with an iPhone can now make deepfakes. We aren’t ready for what happens next.


thumbnail Realistic videos of people doing things that never really happened have become shockingly easy to create. Now is the time to put in some safety guardrails.

German union leads 4-day Amazon strike


thumbnail The strike marks the second by Amazon workers in Europe in two weeks.

Clubhouse craze drives a surge in demand for .club domain names


An object lesson in how unpredictable the domain name market is

German legal dispute over Facebook data use sent to European Court of Justice


thumbnail The European Court of Justice has been asked to clarify whether Germany's competition authority was right to order Facebook to halt its data collection practices, due to concerns over alleged abuse o…

Employee Lockdown Stress May Spark Cybersecurity Risk


thumbnail Younger employees and caregivers report more stress than other groups– and more shadow IT usage.

When & How to Report Security Incidents


The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) releases new guidelines to facilitate the reporting of security incidents by national telecom security authorities.

Connectivity Toolbox: Member States agree on best practices to boost timely deployment of 5G and fibre networks


EU Member States have agreed on a Union-wide Connectivity Toolbox, a report of best practices that they consider most efficient in rolling out fixed and mobile very high-capacity networks, including …

A Bottom-Up Approach to 5G Network Slicing Security in User Equipment


A “bottom-up” approach where security is an integral part of the design that begins in the early stages of development,

Google criticised for failing to remove antisemitic Auschwitz reviews


thumbnail Company says it ‘must do better’ after Guardian discovers more than 150 offensive comments on Maps site

Industry Leaders Create First Unified Cybersecurity Guide for Boards of Directors


thumbnail Boards of directors need to play a more active role in protecting their organization from the growing threat of cyber risks, and few fully understand the risks

Whistleblower claims raise serious issues in areas of privacy and data protection


thumbnail It would be ‘remarkable’ for patient’s report to be handed over without consent of patient

How Can the Trucking Industry Secure Their Telematics?


thumbnail Telematics is an indispensable tool. Without thorough cybersecurity, though, their vulnerabilities may outweigh their benefits.

Facebook Disrupts Spy Effort Aimed at Uyghurs


thumbnail The social-media giant took down legions of fake profiles aimed at spreading mobile espionage malware.

French data protection watchdog casts doubt on Apple’s privacy compliance


thumbnail The US tech giant’s targeted advertising practices raise a lot of questions, the CNIL writes in a confidential note.

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