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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

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EuroDIG: Meet the Focal Points
All Org Teams are set up and start planning their session for EuroDIG2021 (find the consolidated programme here). In the upcoming weeks, we want to introduce you to our Focal Points, who are in charge of coordinating the Org Teams.

We are starting with Hedrik Ike and Auke Pals, both are part of GÉANT, a European association which serves the research and education networking community by providing connectivity and developing services. We are very happy to have the scientific community be so active in EuroDIG!

Hendrik is a Public Affairs Specialist within GÉANT and in his role is responsible for developing and maintaining channels of communication with European institutions and the National Research and Education Network community, and is also responsible for GÉANT’s positioning towards global Internet Governance. For EuroDIG2021, Hendrik is the Focal Point of Workshop 8 – International Access to Research Content and Sensitive Data.

Auke, who is – despite his young age – already an old hand at EuroDIG, is a Project Manager at GÉANT and responsible for the delivery of externally funded projects, delivery of project management support and Internet Governace activities with the focus on enabling and stimulating research. Auke is the Focal Point for Focus Session 2 – Governing digital interdependence – the role of Europe.

YOUthDIG kicks off
Last Saturday, YOUthDIG2021 officially started with its first session, in which the 33 participant between 18 and 30 years of age got together with the Org Team and EuroDIG’s Secretary General to gain insight into the Internet Governance sphere and EuroDIG. The YOUthDIGgers will have several sessions in the upcoming weeks to connect and develop their positions. The days leading up to EuroDIG, June 25 to 28, the YOUthDIG main event will take place as a virtual learning and networking experience for the selected group of participants.

The Call for Session Proposals for the Internet Governance Forum 2021 is open until May 26.

EuroDIG Secretariat 
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