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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

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Let us know how COVID-19 has shaped your digital life

We are interested in your most significant experiences related to the COVID-19 pandemic and to the use of the Internet. Which relevant digital issues have been brought to the forefront of public interest by the pandemic? Which challenges have already been overcome? Which issues remain and have not yet been discussed or have not been discussed enough?

We would like to incorporate your views into our session PRE 10: (Post) Covid – What has changed? What will stay? Open Mic Session and thus provide you with the opportunity to shape our session.

We would be happy to receive a short video of maximum 1 minute – alternatively, of course, we would also be happy to receive opinions in text form.

If you have any questions about the session or are interested in assisting to shape it, please contact us at

Register for #EuroDIG2021

The registration for EuroDIG2021 is now open! EuroDIG takes place as a virtual meeting June 28-30, 2021 and everyone can participate. As always, participation in the meeting is free of charge, but registration is required. Visit and sign up now. We are looking forward to seeing you at EuroDIG2021!

Meet the Focal Point

The Focal Point of the session PRE 10: (Post) Covid – What has changed? What will stay? Open Mic Session (see call for videos above) is Marcel Krummenauer.

Marcel is a "Big Data & Business Analytics" student from Frankfurt am Main. Since the beginning of his bachelor studies, he has been working in the IT department of a medium-sized life science company. He is also a member of the German Informatics Society (Gesellschaft für Informatik) and is involved in data protection and sustainability in the YIGF Germany, among other things.

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EU adopts law giving tech giants one hour to remove terrorist content


thumbnail The European Parliament on Wednesday (28 April) formally adopted without a vote controversial legislation which forces online platforms to remove terrorist content within an hour of it being flagged.

NEW REPORT: Attacks on Democracy Intensify as Autocracy Spreads in Europe and Eurasia


thumbnail Nations in Transit 2021 finds that leaders across the region are undermining democratic institutions to stay in power.

Apple accused of breaking EU law over App Store sales fees


thumbnail iPhone and iPad maker distorts competition for streaming services such as Spotify, says commissioner

Europe Flip Flops on Privacy; ICANN CEO abdicates


thumbnail Ever since the GDPR thwacked it on the side of its head, ICANN has been trying to bring its registry of domain names into compliance with basic privacy principles. The good news is that ICANN has lar…

ICANN name servers come under attack | Domain Incite - Domain Name Industry News, Analysis & Opinion


thumbnail ICANN’s primary name servers came under a distributed denial of service attack, the Org said earlier this week. The incident appears to have gone largely unnoticed outside of ICANN and seems to have …

A Digital Dystopia: How Calls for Backdoors to Encryption Would Ruin the Internet for Everyone


thumbnail A little over a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, our reliance on private, safe, and secure communication has become more critical than ever. So it’s no surprise that organizations across all sectors …

INTERPOL launches project to tackle digital piracy following COVID-19 linked surge


thumbnail With support from Korea, the five-year project will tackle one of the fastest growing crime areas

EU countries, lawmakers reach deal to tackle online child sexual abuse


thumbnail EU countries and EU lawmakers agreed late Thursday (29 April) to allow Facebook and Microsoft to scan and remove online child sexual abuse, potentially paving the way for a deal in the coming months …

Spotlight on ransomware


thumbnail DOJ to review cyber threats — Alarm sounded on Codecov

What is Schrems II and how does it affect your data protection in 2021? - Security Boulevard


thumbnail Over six months on, the Schrems II verdict is proving to be a difficult obstacle for many businesses when it comes to data management. Find out why here.

Facebook and Instagram notices in iOS apps tell users tracking helps keep them ‘free of charge’


thumbnail Facebook has been a vocal critic of Apple’s privacy rules in iOS 14. including the opt-in requirement that lets users decide whether to allow apps to track them across other apps and websites.

EU-US in collision course on privacy


thumbnail For seven decades the United States and Europe have been moving in different directions on the right to privacy, and these days a major clash on the issue is now very much in prospect, writes Dick Ro…

How commercial space stations could become the final frontier for data and cybersecurity


thumbnail What will commercial space stations be good for? Space industry pioneer Rob Meyerson is betting that big data and cybersecurity will be among the killer apps.

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