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Tuesday, Sep. 7, 2021

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Welcome back from the summer break! We hope you could spent some relaxing days. If you haven’t yet, please have a  look at the EuroDIG 2021 Messages ( and share them with your respective communities.

 The Session on Delay Tolerant Networks found great interest at EuroDIG this year and the organisers agreed to have a follow up session on this emerging issue. Therefore we agreed to organise an EuroDIG "Extra!" at the end of September. The exact date and detailed information will be spread via our communication channels. The InterPlanetary Networking Special Interest Group (IPNSIG) contributed to this topic with their thoughts on the development of a Solar System Internet and a related report was released recently.
 “Strategy Toward a Solar System Internet For Humanity” IPNSIG SWG REPORT 2021-June (Compressed)
IPNSIG SWG REPORT 2021-June-High Def (High Definition)

You can find more information on the report and on IPNSIG in the first article below, a note from Yosuke Kaneko, SWG Lead and Chair of IPNSIG.

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A note from the InterPlanetary Networking Special Interest Group (IPNSIG)


thumbnail “Strategy Toward a Solar System Internet For Humanity” IPNSIG SWG REPORT 2021-June (Compressed): IPNSIG SWG REPORT 2021...

The Fight to Define When AI Is ‘High Risk’


thumbnail Everyone from tech companies to churches wants a say in how the EU regulates AI that could harm people.

British watchdog demands more power over crypto promotions


thumbnail Britain's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) called on Monday for powers to govern the online promotion of cryptoassets to combat a flood of "problematic content" which it said has no value.

Ransomware’s next target: Schools


thumbnail Education may have gone online, but security systems haven’t kept up.

Russia urges Apple, Google to remove Navalny app from stores


thumbnail MOSCOW (AP) — Russia's state communications watchdog warned Apple and Google on Thursday that they could face fines if they fail to remove an app created by allies of jailed Russian opposition leader…

European Cybersecurity Month (ECSM) 2021: Get Involved and Register Your Event


ECSM, the EU’s annual cybersecurity advocacy campaign will kick off on 1 October 2021. The campaigns’ website opens to the public for event submissions through the 30 September.

Apple delays plan to scan iPhones for child abuse


thumbnail It said it had listened to feedback from privacy campaigners and others and would reassess.

UK children’s digital privacy code comes into effect


thumbnail Age Appropriate Design Code mandates apps to take ‘best interests’ of child users into account

The E-Commerce Directive as the Cornerstone of the Internal Market


The paper assesses the effects of the E-Commerce Directive which plays a key role in the development of online platforms in Europe and proposes some reforms for the forthcoming Digital Services Act.

Data Breaches: A Chance for Opportunistic Scammers & What to Watch for


thumbnail Data is very valuable to criminals because it is often used to commit fraudulent activities as well as to enhance the credibility of scams.

WhatsApp Ireland hit with record fine of €225m by DPC


thumbnail WhatsApp Ireland's fine is the second largest penalty ever levied on an organisation under EU data laws The Data Protection Commission (DPC) has fined WhatsApp Ireland €225m for infringements of data…

Zero trust and cybersecurity: Here's what it means and why it matters


thumbnail Security agency offers five reasons why a fashionable but 'slippery' concept might improve your defences.

AI computers can’t patent their own inventions — yet — a US judge rules


thumbnail Should an artificially intelligent machine be able to patent its own inventions? For a US federal judge, the larger implications of that question were irrelevant. In April 2020, the US Patent and Tra…

EU Invests Millions in Cybersecurity


thumbnail Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project

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