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Tuesday, Apr. 26, 2022

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Register to participate in EuroDIG 2022!

The registration for EuroDIG 2022 is now open! We invite all our community members to join us from June 20-22 either onsite in the beautiful host city of Trieste, Italy or online. EuroDIG is non-commercial and community-based, so participation is always free of charge. All you need to do is fill out the registration form. Register here!

However, EuroDIG is not only a forum for Internet governance experts. Everyone with an interest in digital policy is invited to participate on an equal footing, so we encourage you to share this opportunity.


Shape the programme!

The EuroDIG 2022 consolidated programme is available on the EuroDIGWiki. The community-based nature of EuroDIG entails that all sessions are shaped by community members old and new. Every input is valuable and the Call for Org Teams is open! In order to join a session’s Org Team, simply go to its EuroDIGWiki page in the programme and sign up to the dedicated mailing list. The coordinating Focal Points will be in touch with you soon.

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Commission wants EU agency to protect evidence of war crimes in Ukraine - Empfohlen von EuroDIG

thumbnail ‘We need to reinforce Eurojust to make sure it has the necessary tools to deal with the scale of atrocities in Ukraine,’ says Věra Jourová.

Russia fines Google over Ukraine 'fakes', far-right content - TASS - Empfohlen von EuroDIG

thumbnail A Russian court has fined Alphabet Inc.'s Google 11 million roubles ($137,763) for failing to delete what it terms "fake" information about the conflict in Ukraine and YouTube videos produced by Ukra…

High stakes for children as DSA negotiations enter final round - Empfohlen von EuroDIG

thumbnail One-third of primary-school-age children and half of teenagers fear they are addicted to digital services. Additionally, 10% of 12–13-year-olds believe they are addicted to porn, and 15% of children …

EU institutions reach agreement on Digital Services Act - Empfohlen von EURACTIV Digital & Media

thumbnail European Union co-legislators reached an agreement on the Digital Services Act (DSA), flagship legislation that will reign in the digital sphere and step up the fight against illegal content and disi…

Annual Report 2021: an efficient administration respects the rule of law - Empfohlen von EuroDIG

thumbnail Today, the EDPS published its Annual Report 2021. The report highlights the EDPS’ achievements regarding European Union institutions’ (EU institutions) compliance with the data protection framework. …

CENTR publishes comment on the European Commission’s DNS Abuse Study - Empfohlen von EuroDIG

thumbnail CENTR, which represents European national top-level domain name registries (ccTLDs) such as .si or .eu, has published a comment on the European Commission’s DN ...

IPTV, Usenet and Comic Book Pirates Agree To Pay Up and Shut Down - Empfohlen von EuroDIG

thumbnail Anti-piracy group BREIN says it has reached cash settlement & abstention agreements with several individuals linked to IPTV and other piracy.

Google gives Europe a ‘reject all’ button for tracking cookies after fines from watchdogs - Empfohlen von EuroDIG

thumbnail Google is updating its cookie banners in Europe, giving users the option to reject all tracking cookies with a single click. Google was previously fined by French watchdog CNIL for steering users awa…

Danske Bank Fined for GDPR Violations, Customer Data Held for Longer Than Legally Allowed - Empfohlen von Bluefin

thumbnail A statement from Danske Bank indicates that the GDPR violations are tied to an inability to build data deletion functionality into its complex interlocked IT systems despite beginning efforts in 2016.

French hospital group disconnects Internet after hackers steal data - Empfohlen von Allaboutclait

thumbnail The GHT Coeur Grand Est. Hospitals and Health Care group comprising nine establishments with 3,370 beds across Northeast France has disclosed a cyberattack that resulted in the theft of sensitive adm…

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