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Tuesday, Jul. 5, 2022

EuroDIG News

Two weeks ago, EuroDIG 2022 was just underway. You can find all currently available materials on the EuroDIGWiki, make sure to not miss the Youth Messages. A selection of photos from EuroDIG is now online on flickr.

Additionally, we want to point you to several resources that captured the discussions.

- The Geneva Internet Platform provides session reports:

- RIPE NCC staff kept a live blog with impressions of the sessions:

- A news report in German by Monika Ermert was published on

Did you also write and publish on EuroDIG? Did you participate and have feedback? Let us know at!

In the first week of September, we will organise a community debrief and start the planning cycle for EuroDIG 2023 in Tampere. More infos will be published soon.

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Hungry for rules: Spain to test Europe’s artificial intelligence law ahead of time - Shared by EuroDIG

thumbnail Spanish regulators will start overseeing voluntary companies working on risky artificial intelligence systems like self-driving cars in October.

Turkey blocks access to two German and US media outlets - Shared by EuroDIG

thumbnail The ban on Germany’s Deutsche Welle and Voice of America’s websites could reignite tensions with the West.

British Army's Twitter and YouTube accounts restored after hack - Shared by EuroDIG

thumbnail The British Army regained control of its Twitter and YouTube accounts on Sunday after they were briefly hacked and used to post about cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens.

What to take away from the French EU presidency on digital issues - Shared by EuroDIG

thumbnail On the eve of handing over to the Czech Republic, the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union can look back on many achievements in the digital field during its six-month chairmanship.

Cyber warfare in Ukraine: lessons learned - Shared by EuroDIG

thumbnail The war in Ukraine is being fought also in the cyber space. We discussed the key takeaways that can be drawn from the conflict so far with Ginny Badanes, Microsoft’s senior director of the Democracy …

New EU strategy to protect and empower children in the online world - Shared by EuroDIG

The Commission has adopted a new European strategy for a Better Internet for Kids (BIK+)

Amended Europol Regulation weakens data protection supervision - Shared by EuroDIG

thumbnail Following the publication of the amended Europol Regulation in the Official Journal of the EU today, the EDPS expresses its concerns that the amendments, which will enter into force on 28 June 2022, …

EU consumer groups take aim at Google’s ‘surveillance system’ - Shared by EURACTIV

thumbnail Ten consumer groups coordinated by the European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) have accused Google of unfairly steering consumers to sign up for a Google account, allowing the company to harvest large …

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