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Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022

EuroDIG News

EuroDIG at IGF 2022 – Save the Date!

We are organizing a Town Hall Session at the Internet Governance Forum on Thursday, December 1, 13:15-14:15 UTC and we are inviting all EuroDIG stakeholders to join the discussion on the outcomes of EuroDIG in Trieste and how EuroDIG 2023 im Tampere will address the theme “Internet in troubled times”.

You can participate either online or onsite in Addis Ababa. Add the session to your calendar here. Make sure to be registered for the IGF. We are looking forward to the exchange!

We are also present with a booth at the IGF Village, that can be visited both physically and virtually. More information about our IGF activities will be disseminated in next week’s newsletter.

European Internet Forum: IGF preparatory meeting

On November 15, the European Internet Forum is holding a preparatory online meeting to exchange on the most relevant topics for Europe (check out the Messages from Trieste), provide an update on IGF activities relevant for members of parliaments, and discuss the European Stakeholder Consultation to the Global Digital Compact.

You can find more information and the event registration here.

Internet Crime Transcends Borders: So Must the Fight Against It - Shared by EuroDIG

thumbnail Until tech-facilitated gender-based violence is understood for what it is, the fight against those who engage in these activities will be an uphill struggle.

U.N. urges Musk to safeguard human rights at Twitter - Shared by EuroDIG

thumbnail The U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk, on Saturday issued an open letter to Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter Inc, urging him to "ensure human rights are central to the managemen…

Why Users Are Flocking to Mastodon After Elon Musk's Twitter Takeover - Shared by NDTV

thumbnail Mastodon is a decentralised, open alternative from privacy-obsessed Germany that has seen a flood of new users, as Twitter is in disarray following Elon Musk's takeover last week. While Twitter …

Big Tech’s New Headache: Data Centre Activism Flourishes Across the World - Shared by EuroDIG

thumbnail Groups opposing the construction of polluting and water-intensive data centres are emerging in different regions. These local activists are laying bare Big

EU countries lay bare Europe's limits in securing critical infrastructure - Shared by EuroDIG

thumbnail National governments have opposed several fundamental parts of the European Commission's plan to strengthen the resilience of critical infrastructure, according to written comments seen by EURACTIV.

Schrems: round three - Shared by EuroDIG

thumbnail Last month, an executive order detailed the EU-US Privacy Shield 2.0, a new legal framework for transatlantic data flows made necessary by the Schrems II ruling. We caught up with Max Schrems, the pr…

‘We were taken for fools’: MEPs fume at UK data protection snub - Shared by Chorus Advisers

thumbnail MEPs were in Britain to scrutinize the country’s GDPR reform plans.

Clearview Stole My Face and the EU Can't Do Anything About It - Shared by Yorick Reintjens 🚀🔥

thumbnail One man’s battle to reclaim his face shows regulators across the bloc are failing to reprimand the US face search engine.

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