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Thursday, Nov. 24, 2022

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Important update - new dates for EuroDIG 2023

Together with our host, Tampere University in Finland, we had to change the dates of EuroDIG 2023 due to a scheduling conflict. Please save the new date, EuroDIG is held June 19-21, 2023!

EuroDIG at the IGF – find us here

You can find all information on how to connect with EuroDIG during the Internet Governance Forum in Addis Abbaba on our website. Find the information and helpful links here.

We especially invite you to join the Town Hall session “Internet in Troubled Times” on December 1, either onsite or online.


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European Parliament website hit by cyberattack after Russian terrorism vote - Shared by EuroDIG

thumbnail One official blamed pro-Russian hacking group Killnet for the DDoS attack.

Ukraine conflict: Digital and cyber aspects - Shared by EuroDIG

thumbnail Digital technology plays an important, if not decisive, role in the Ukraine-Russia conflict. Cyberattacks increase as the conflict escalates. Decisions by Big

EU Council discusses cross-border removal orders to fight child pornography - Shared by EuroDIG

thumbnail A new compromise text by the Czech EU Council presidency has expanded the original proposal for tackling online child sexual abuse material to include a mechanism for dealing with cross-border conten…

EU Council mulls broad national security carveouts in IoT cybersecurity law - Shared by EuroDIG

thumbnail The Czech presidency of the EU Council has circulated the first compromise on the Cyber Resilience Act, dated 18 November and obtained by EURACTIV, making hefty editing to the proposal’s scope and fr…

Stakeholders doubtful EU health data space will launch on schedule - Shared by EuroDIG

thumbnail Stakeholders expressed concern that the European Health Data Space (EDHS), aimed at reforming the sharing of health data across hospitals around the EU, will launch as planned in 2025 due to a large …

The creator of the Web is trying to save it and us. Here’s how - Shared by EuroDIG

thumbnail The inventor of the Web, Sir Tim Berners Lee, speaks to Euronews about his mission to save it from Big Tech.

Investigation into cloud gaming and browsers to support UK tech and consumers - Shared by EuroDIG

thumbnail The CMA has launched a market investigation into cloud gaming and mobile browsers after receiving widespread support for its proposals first published in June.

French regulator warns Twitter of legal duty to moderate misinformation, hate - Shared by EuroDIG

thumbnail The letter from France's audiovisual and digital regulator Arcom comes as Twitter, under Elon Musk's ownership, has laid off half of its staff.

TikTok tells European users its staff in China get access to their data - Shared by Orchid

thumbnail Privacy policy update confirms data of continent’s users available to range of TikTok bases including in Brazil, Israel and US

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