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Jan. 13, 2023

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Register for the Public Planning Meeting on February 2!

We want to kick off the programme building for EuroDIG 2023 (June 19-21 in Tampere, Finland) together with you!

In our yearly public planning meeting, the EuroDIG community will discuss the proposed programme structure and Focus Areas, together identify missing topics, and share ideas on how to make the outcomes as impactful as possible. The overarching theme this year is “Internet in troubled times: risk, resilience, hope”, opening the space to many current questions on digital governance and cooperation.

Register to participate in the meeting on February 2 here; the agenda can be found on the same page. This process is open to everyone who is interested, and we are always happy to see newcomers!

Global Digital Compact - Updated Deadline for European Stakeholder Consultation 

Stakeholders’ responses to this European open consultation on the Global Digital Compact can still be submitted on the EuroDIG Commenting Platform until February 28! 

As the UN Member states have decided to postpone the Summit of the Future, we have also extended our commenting phase.

The platform provides summaries by the chair of this process, Mark Carvell, of the relevant discussions held at recent EuroDIG meetings. We hope you can use the opportunity to conveniently contribute to this high-level process. In case you have any questions, you can reach us at

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EU Commission moves to link ‘fair share’ debate with the metaverse


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EU data protection supervisor warns on migrant privacy rights


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French Regulator Hits Microsoft With €60 Million Fine Over Bing Cookie Consent


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Twitter Denies Hacking Claims, Assures Leaked User Data Not from its System


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Is ChatGPT a cybersecurity threat?


thumbnail Security professionals express unease — and optimism — at ChatGPT's ability to write phishing emails and malicious code.

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