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Jan. 18, 2023

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Open Call for applications for YouthDIG2023

We are looking for young people from all over Europe to participate in YOUthDIG, a pre-event which prepares young people who are interested about topics related to the Internet to become active participants in EuroDIG. As EuroDIG will be held in Tampere, Finland this year, we especially hope for a lot of interest from the region, but all young people under 30 based in Europe are called to apply. You can find more information on the program and the team, as well as the application form here:

Sharing knowledge: Youth Funding Opportunities

The YouthDIG Team is doing research in order to find opportunities for youth to apply for funding within national bodies and relevant EU schemes to participate in EuroDIG. Support youth participation, and help us research new opportunities by adding your insights to this document

Register for the Public Planning Meeting on February 2!

We want to kick off the programme building for EuroDIG 2023 (June 19-21 in Tampere, Finland) together with you! Register to participate in the meeting on February 2 here; the agenda can be found on the same page.

Contribute to the Global Digital Compact

Stakeholders’ responses to this European open consultation on the Global Digital Compact can still be submitted on the EuroDIG Commenting Platform until February 28! 

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Europe quizzes TikTok on data safety, disinformation and DSA compliance

techcrunch­.com - Empfohlen von EuroDIG

thumbnail TikTok's CEO, Shou Zi Chew met senior European Union lawmakers today and was quizzed on a range of topics -- including preparations to comply with incoming pan-EU rules focused on content governance …

Swedish presidency offers EU countries options on Data Act’s pain points

euractiv­.com - Empfohlen von EuroDIG

thumbnail The Swedish government circulated an options paper seeking member states’ guidance on some of the most controversial points of the new data law, namely the SMEs exemption, B2G data sharing and trade …

Decoding Digital Health: Trans-Atlantic Transfers of Health Data

ropesgray­.com - Empfohlen von EuroDIG

thumbnail On this episode, Ropes & Gray's Digital Health Initiative co-lead and health care partner, Christine Moundas, discusses the challenges and potential solutions that health care and life sciences compa…

We must protect cross-border data flows — here's why

weforum­.org - Empfohlen von EuroDIG

thumbnail Data flows enable commerce worth an estimated $2.7 trillion annually. That wealth creation is under threat. To protect it, we need effective institutions.

€300m for European software defined broadband satellites

eenewseurope­.com - Empfohlen von EuroDIG

thumbnail European satellite operator SES has raised €300m to develop and launch three software defined satellites into orbit to provide high speed broadband across Europe. The financing comes from the Europea…

eco Comments on New EU Cybersecurity Rules: NIS 2 Confronts Companies With Disproportionate Red Tape

international­.eco­.de - Empfohlen von EuroDIG

thumbnail The directive “for a high common level of cybersecurity” appeared in the EU Official Journal at the end of December and will enter into force on 16 January 2023. The NIS 2 Directive now reforms the e…

UK offers free cybersecurity assistance to small organisations

dig­.watch - Empfohlen von EuroDIG

: Small organisations in high-risk sectors, such as charities and law firms, will be offered free cybersecurity assistance by the government in the United Kingdom through the Funded Cyber Essentials …

Minister refuses to rule out changes to UK online safety bill

theguardian­.com - Empfohlen von EuroDIG

thumbnail Social media bosses who breach child safety rules may face jail if Ofcom given powers to prosecute

Ukraine calls for ‘Cyber United Nations’ amid Russian attacks

politico­.com - Empfohlen von EuroDIG

thumbnail A top cyber official proposed the idea as Moscow targets Ukraine's infrastructure.

MEPs reject bid to prevent ratification of cybercrime protocol

euractiv­.com - Empfohlen von EuroDIG

thumbnail The EU Parliament’s civil liberties (LIBE) committee has voted to move forward with ratifying the Second Additional Protocol to the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime, rejecting the rapporteur's attem…

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