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Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2021

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Call for Issues for EuroDIG2022 is open!

Every year, the EuroDIG programme is planned in a collaborative, open, and community-driven manner. The first step in this process starts now, and we need your input in order to identify what topics have to be on next year‘s agenda.

EuroDIG2022 will take place in June, but already now, until December 31, you can submit your questions and ideas for discussion in our Call for Issues.

Everyone can contribute up to three suggestions via this simple online form. We are not looking for workshop formats, talk submissions, or ideas on the programme structure. Rather, we would like to know from your perspective: which topics and thematic areas are going to be on Europe‘s digital policy agenda? Which issue do you want to see discussed at EuroDIG2022? Let us know!

Security and Crime – A Decade of Change

Cybersecurity issues have been high on the agenda of all Internet stakeholders since the term “Internet governance” was first coined nearly 20 years ago. Naturally, it also has been on EuroDIG‘s agendas since its beginning in 2008. In our new publication „Security and Crime – A Decade of Change“, EuroDIG Subject Matter Expert and Assistant Professor in Cybersecurity Governance at Leiden University, Tatiana Tropina, analyzes how topics, structures and messages of related EuroDIG formats have evolved and changed over the years. You can find the paper here (pdf) or on our Publications page, along with other resources.

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Streaming’s dirty secret: how viewing Netflix top 10 creates vast quantity of CO2 - Shared by EuroDIG

thumbnail Explosion in popularity of shows on Disney+ to YouTube raises question of impact on planet

Medical Artificial Intelligence: The European Legal Perspective - Shared by EuroDIG

thumbnail Although the European Commission proposed new legislation for the use of "high-risk artificial intelligence" earlier this year, the existing European fundamental rights framework already pr…

EU countries aiming for common position on tech rules on Nov. 25 - Shared by EuroDIG

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EU Parliament committee adopts new cybersecurity law for critical services - Shared by EuroDIG

thumbnail The leading committee of the European Parliament adopted on Thursday (28 October) a legislative proposal intended to secure Europe’s critical entities from cyberattacks.

Commission strengthens cybersecurity of wireless devices and products - Shared by EuroDIG

The Commission has taken action to improve the cybersecurity of wireless devices available on the European market

Hackers-for-Hire drive the Evolution of the New ENISA Threat Landscape - Shared by EuroDIG

The 9th edition of the ENISA Threat Landscape (ETL) report released by the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity highlights the surge in cybercriminality motivated by monetisation

Suspected REvil Gang Insider Identified - Shared by EuroDIG

thumbnail German investigators have identified a deep-pocketed, big-spending Russian billionaire whom they suspect of being a core member of the REvil ransomware gang.

Cyber Scams 2.0 – new tips to help boost your cyber skills - Shared by EuroDIG

thumbnail They say that everything happens for a reason. When it comes to cybercrime, this seems to be an accurate statement. Criminals will target individuals with a very specific reason in mind: steal their …

Global Education Ministers Conference, towards a shared action plan to counter hate speech - Shared by EuroDIG

UNESCO and partners’ work to address hate speech spans multiple areas, notably: Organized in partnership with the United Nations Office on Genocide Prevention and the Responsibility to Protect, the M…

The Power of Two: Data Resiliency and Data Protection - Shared by FAzur

thumbnail For every day the datasphere is growing in value and size, the risks of cyberattacks, natural disasters, or even human errors, are expanding exponentially The vulnerability to such threats has pushed…

Mozilla Firefox joins browsers implementing Global Privacy Control - Shared by CDE Privacy

thumbnail The GPC allows users to tells websites not to sell or share their personal data.

What Mark Zuckerberg Really Means When He Talks About the Metaverse - Shared by Yannick Bernier

thumbnail The company is doubling down on user surveillance.

Apple’s App Privacy Report launches into beta to show you what your apps are up to - Shared by Dr Augustine Fou - Independent Ad Fraud Researcher

thumbnail Apple has now launched a beta version of its “App Privacy Report,” a new feature that aims to provide iOS users with details about how often their everyday apps are requesting access to sensitive inf…

Is my phone listening to me? We ask the expert - Shared by tanglewood lion

thumbnail Data protection advocate Mariano delli Santi on whether we should worry about targeted advertising

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