YOUthDIG 2022

The Youth Dialogue on Internet Governance (YOUthDIG) is a yearly pre-event to the European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG) aimed to foster active youth participation. Young people (ages 18-30) from the pan-European region with a strong interest in Internet governance, digital policy and cooperation are working together to draft and advocate for the youth messages.

YOUthDIG Messages

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We are looking for 30 young people from all over Europe (members states at the Council of Europe) to participate in a pre-event programme which prepares young people who are interested about topics related to the Internet to become active participants in EuroDIG.

During YOUthDIG you learn about Internet Governance, and discuss and exchange ideas with experienced internet policy practitioners but also experience peer-to-peer learning and networking with youth residing in Europe. You will be actively involved by developing policy messages (see Youth Messages 2021) that you will be presenting at EuroDIG but also the global IGF.

The YOUthDIG event will be composed of an online phase with virtual meetings and the physical event. We are working towards a hybrid event and look forward to welcoming participants in Trieste, Italy.

YOUthDIG is held in English. Thanks to our donors, we can provide a number of travel grants to youth participants.

Application closed on 10 February 2022.

During YOUthDIG, participants discuss and exchange ideas with experienced Internet policy practitioners but also experience peer-to-peer learning and networking with youth residing in Europe.

We are planning an on-site meeting in Trieste, Italy, where youth will be able to gather to discuss a diversity of themes and topics related to Internet Governance. At the end of YOUthDIG, the participants design the Youth Messages. These messages are presented at EuroDIG and the global Internet Governance Forum that is convened by the United Nations with a view to contributing to global, other regional and national debates on Internet Governance.

YOUthDIG is held in English. Thanks to our donors, travel grants are provided to youth participants.

Every year the YOUthDIG Organising Team is compiled of former YOUthDIG participants who design the programme for the upcoming edition. This is a chance to reflect and improve the programme from last editions, build further connections with YOUthDIG alumni and the EuroDIG community and to provide an opportunity for young people throughout Europe to participate in the Internet Governance Ecosystem focusing on topics that are important to youth in the field.

Daphne Stevens

YOUthDIG 2021
The Netherlands

The programme for YOUthDIG 2022 will be posted leading up to the event, however to see what we did in The Netherlands in 2019, please have a look at our wiki.

The Youth Messages is an opportunity for the YOUthDIG participants to share their knowledge and expertise about topics that are important to them that are related to Internet Governance. Using a systems approach, these messages are build with the group with the aim to exchange thoughts and ideas and bring forward their priorities and insights.

Have a look at the Youth Messages from YOUthDIG participants.