European Internet Governance Initiatives

After the establishment of the UN Internet Governance Forum (IGF) which had its first meeting in Athens in 2006 many national and regional Internet Governance Initiatives (IG Initiatives) emerged, with a focus on facilitating the debate of national and regional relevance by connection to the global topics. All IG Initiatives operate independently but commit to the same values like the global IGF: being open, transparent and inclusive for all stakeholders, operating non-commercially, warranting multistakeholder participation in all activities, performing a bottom-up decision-making process.

All together they form the worldwide network of National and Regional Initiatives (NRIs) which is coordinated by the IGF Secretariat. Europe is a continent with a large number of NRIs and many of them are existing for more than a decade now, this brings Europe to the forefront of Internet Governance discussions.

In addition to the national European Internet Governance (IG) Initiatives listed in the map below there are two (sub)regional Internet Governance Fora (IGFs) in this region: EuroDIG and SEEDIG.


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