Baltic Domain Days 2024


The domain industry event focusing specifically on the Baltic region BALTIC DOMAIN DAYS (BDD) will be held as part of the European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG) conference. EuroDIG 2024 is going to take place on 17–19 June in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The main BDD topics as a parallel track of the EuroDIG conference will cover domain usage possibilities in the digitalization processes, disputes between domain and intellectual property objects, DNS role in content blocking, cybersecurity, challenges in domain industry and other trends in the Baltics.

Proposed topics

The following topics are proposed for presentations and panel discussions for the BDD parallel track of EuroDIG. A detailed programme will follow in due time.

The role of DNS in cybersecurity and content blocking

DNS as a critical component of the internet is receiving more and more attention from European cybersecurity institutions. DNS security is important as attackers can identify security vulnerabilities and redirect a domain name to fake websites. DNS can protect against malware and phishing attacks by blocking malicious domains and filtering content. That’s why important to discuss and find out solutions, how to increase DNS security, avoid DNS abuse and get more effective content blocking ways.

Domain usage possibilities in the digitalization processes

It’s often assumed a domain is only used for a website, e-shop and e-mail. A large number of users don’t know that the domain can be used much more widely. Startups use websites to check their business ideas, but some bloggers and social media heroes don’t see the point for domain name registration. While small businesses are still overcoming the challenges of digitization and cybersecurity in these times of war, industrial companies are successfully using domains for addressing of all digital resources. The growing popularity of smart home technologies are increasing the demand for IP routing solutions and domain usage.

Domains and intellectual property: connections and disconnections

It is often the case that the first step is to create a domain for a website, and only then to develop a trademark. Or vice versa. No matter which comes first it is essential to take care of domain and trademark protection at the start-up stage. What challenges does a business face when registering domains and trademarks? What kind of asset is a domain name? What types of disputes arise between domain and intellectual property objects? These questions are relevant not only for lawyers, but also for business representatives.


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