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Meet the Focal Point – Lina Lelešienė

This week, we want to introduce to you the Focal Point of the EuroDIG 2024 session “Artificial Intelligence: Innovation and ethical implication”: Lina Lelešienė

Lina is currently serving as the Head of the IT division at the State Data Protection Inspectorate of Lithuania. With a fervent dedication to safeguarding digital landscapes, her expertise traverses the intricate realms of cyber security, particularly focusing on digital platforms and the transformative power of emerging technologies like AI.

Lina coordinates the Org Team for the aforementioned session, which is taking place on June 19, 10:30 EEST. If you are interested in AI and ethics, consider joining the Org Team yourself and shape the session! You can find more information on the EuroDIGWiki.


EuroDIG Extra 5: Recording and comments

If you missed the EuroDIG Extra, in which the community discussed their perspectives on the zero-draft paper of the Global Digital Compact, you can listen to the recording via the EuroDIG website. We also encourage you to comment on the guiding questions regarding the zero-draft on our commenting platform. The community inputs will be discussed at EuroDIG in a dedicated session and inform the conference messages.


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Register to participate in EuroDIG 2024 in conjunction with the Baltic Domain Days, which will be held together from 17 to 19 June 2024 in Vilnius, Lithuania and online! Register here.


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