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Meet the Subject Matter Experts

May 17, 2023

The EuroDIG Subject Matter Experts (SME) support the programme planning process throughout the year and work closely with the Secretariat. They consult on the topics in their field of expertise, cluster the proposals and assist session organisers in their work. They also ensure that the session principles are followed and monitor the complete programme to streamline all topics and avoid overlap.

You can now learn more about our ten current Subject Matter Experts on the EuroDIG website https://eurodig.org/sme and meet them at EuroDIG 2023, taking place June 19-21 in Tampere, Finland. 


Get ready for EuroDIG 2023 in Tampere!

Please register for EuroDIG as soon as possible so that we can better plan how many participants we can welcome in person in Tampere. We have summarised some logistical details on transport and hotels for you here: https://www.eurodig.org/get-involved/logistical-details/ 

If you would like to get involved in the session planning join one of the Org Teams. Simply subscribe to the mailing list which you can find via the Consolidated programme on each session page under Get involved!

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