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YOUthDIG programme kick-off

This week, the first webinar of YOUthDIG 2024, EuroDIG’s newcomer track, has taken place. The participants are going to meet weekly to get insights into Internet governance basics and prepare their own perspectives to be developed into the Youth Messages. You can see a picture of the group on our Social Media channels LinkedIn, X and Facebook.

In April, a discussion was held on how to foster local youth participation  and to support a successful first participation in EuroDIG 2024, as interest in the  youth programme was much higher than its capacity. You can find documentation of the discussion here.


Meet the Focal Points

With EuroDIG being only 5 weeks away, we are starting to introduce two Focal Points per week. To also see their pictures, make sure to follow our social media accounts, where we will post them throughout the week. You can also still join the Org Teams and reach out to the Focal Points through the session mailing list if you want to contribute your ideas.

  • Isabel Maria Álvaro Alonso

Isabel is Junior Manager in the Digital Public Policy department at Telefónica, responsible for matters relating to sustainability and online child protection. She participates in various working groups, both European and international, including ETNO, ERT, OECD, and GSMA. She is also active in Youth IGF Spain.

Isabel is coordinating the Org Team for the session “European policies and strategies: Human Rights”, which is part of Main Topic 1. The session is going to take place on June 18, 10:30 EEST.

  • Monojit Das

Monojit Das holds a Ph.D in cyber governance  and is the Executive Editor of the Indian Aerospace and Defence News, India’s leading news portal on security affairs. Monojit is the author and editor of multiple books on national security and servesas an invited curriculum development member on subjects related to security studies.

Monojit is coordinating the Org Team for the session “Managing change in media space”, which is Workshop 2b taking place on June 18, 16:45 EEST.


Register for EuroDIG and Baltic Domain Days 2024

Register to participate in EuroDIG 2024 in conjunction with the Baltic Domain Days, which will be held together from 17 to 19 June 2024 in Vilnius, Lithuania and online! Register here.


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