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YOUthDIG is in full swing

Our 2024 YOUthDIG cohort is currently collaborating in webinars to explore the digital policy topics they are interested in, what they see developing in their countries, or what they are working on themselves. They have been collecting ideas and will develop them further in the upcoming weeks with a focus on the EuroDIG agenda and potential gaps from their perspective. This process will culminate in a final YOUthDIG Messages that the participants will be presenting at the EuroDIG Opening Ceremony on June 17.


Meet the Focal Points

  • Laura Guobužaitė is the Head of Export and Market Development at Lithuania’s DigiTech association, Infobalt. Previously, she served as the Head of the Lithuanian representation office. Her efforts contributed to enhancing B2B gateways and opening export markets, effectively bridging relationships between Lithuania and foreign governments, enterprises, and organizations. She coordinates the Org Team for the session “GovTech – Access to services” on June 18.
  • Aldan Creo is a Computer Science graduate. He received a grant from the Spanish government to undertake research on Natural Language Processing. He’s also the founder of 3 associations and contributes to open source. Currently, he works as Technology Research Specialist in AI at The Dock. He coordinates the Org Team for the EuroDIG 2024 session “Identification of AI generated content” taking place on 19 June. 


Register for EuroDIG and Baltic Domain Days 2024

If you intend to participate in EuroDIG and the Baltic Domain Days onsite in Vilnius, make sure to register until June 9th on the EuroDIG website! Participation is also possible online.


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