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Why you should join the last EuroDIG session

June 19, 2023

EuroDIG 2023 has officially kicked off today in Tampere and online! We hope to see you around in the upcoming days as well. You can find the program and links to the live streams on the EuroDIG Wiki https://eurodigwiki.org/wiki/Consolidated_programme_2023 

Diverse discussions, workshops and talks are taking place, organised and hosted by the EuroDIG community who collaborates in a decentralised, pan-European process to make our yearly meeting what it is.

The meeting outcomes, the EuroDIG Messages, are openly discussed and collaboratively decided upon by participants. This is why we especially invite you to join the last session of our program “Agreeing on the Messages” on Wednesday, June 21, at 14:30 EEST (UTC+3). We will be supported again by the Geneva Internet Platform in drafting concise, meaningful messages that reflect the discussions throughout the meeting, but the most important input comes from you, the EuroDIG community.

So make sure not to miss the session, either onsite in the Main Auditorium or online! (Information in participation here https://www.eurodig.org/get-involved/planning-process/#tab-participation)  

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