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Thank you for an amazing EuroDIG 2024!


EuroDIG 2024 – Balancing innovation and regulation took place from June 17–19 in Vilnius, Lithuania. It was hosted by the Communications Regulatory Authority of Lithuania (RRT) in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Lithuania, the Public Institution GoVilnius, the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania and the Information Society Development Committee.

We joined forces with the Baltic Domain Days 2024, which took place at the same location and at the same time. YOUthDIG, the annual youth engagement programme, was held on the weekend just before EuroDIG.

On Flickr you can find a photo gallery of the event. A documentation of all relevant materials is gathered on the EuroDIG website.

Who attended EuroDIG?

822 people registered to participate either onsite or online. With an almost 50/50 quota, men and women participated equally in this year’s conference. The largest stakeholder group was civil society (20%), but very closely followed by government representatives (19%). Find out the rest of the registration statistics here.

The outcomes

  • The Messages from all main sessions and workshops at EuroDIG are currently being finalised by the Org Teams. You will find them soon on this website.
  • The Messages regarding the Global Digital Compact and WSIS+20 Review are already published and are available here.
  • The Youth Messages were presented at the first day of EuroDIG and can be accessed on the EuroDIGWiki.

Recordings and transcripts

All sessions have been recorded and captioned. You can find the videos and transcripts linked here and on the sessions’ pages on the EuroDIG Wiki.

Analysis of the draft Global Digital Compact 

The EuroDIG community discussed and agreed on their messages regarding Rev1 of the second draft text of the Global Digital Compact (see above). Shortly after EuroDIG ended, Rev2 was published. You can find a detailed analysis of all changes and information on the process here.


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