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Meet the Focal Points – Karen Mulberry and Vlad Ivanets

May 9, 2023

Today, we have the pleasure of introducing to you two more Focal Points who are coordinating sessions at EuroDIG 2023. Which is less than 6 weeks away, so if you haven’t already, make sure to register for online or onsite participation.

Karen Mulberry coordinates the session planning on the Subtopic The European Union’s Digital Transformation – Regulatory Challenges, Technical Impacts and Emerging Opportunities and Vlad Ivanets co-coordinates the session of the Subtopic Impact of the war: Infrastructure resilience.

 Karen Mulberry is Senior Manager of Public Affairs at IEEE Standards Association (SA) where she manages strategic public and government affairs programs at the intersection of technology, standards, regulation, and policy.  Karen has been involved in developing strategic initiatives that shape standards development, technical policy and provide thought leadership throughout her career.  She has participated as a technical expert in numerous regulatory proceedings and represented her company in the IGF, ITU-T, ITU-D, ETSI, IETF, ICANN and ATIS.

Karen’s background includes working at ICANN as Director Strategic Initiatives, the Internet Society as a Policy Advisor, Neustar as Director Technical Staff-Advanced Services and as Senior Director, International External Affairs-Technical Strategy & Policy, Verizon Wireless as Sr. Project Manager/Advisory Engineer, Numbering, Network Architecture & Standards.

Educational background includes among others a BS in Organizational Behavior from the University of San Francisco and an MBA from the University of Phoenix.


Vlad Ivanets is a journalist and media researcher with a passion for civil society, political science, freedom of speech, and digital space regulation. With a Master’s degree in Journalism and a Bachelor’s degree in Philology, he has worked for more than 12 years as a content manager for local NGOs and creative companies, and as a reporter for independent Russian media, such as Novaya Gazeta and Boomaga.

Since 2020, he has been actively participating in conferences and initiatives on Internet Governance at regional and international levels, such as Youth Board of CCTLD.RU, SEEDIG, RIGF, IGF, etc. In 2021, he presented a youth generation report on the ‘Inclusive Internet Governance ecosystem and Digital Cooperation’ at the global Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Poland. In the summer of 2022, he was involved in organising the Youth Dialogue on Internet Governance (YouthDIG) and participated as a fellow in the European Summer School on Internet Governance (EuroSSIG). He also remains an active participant of the EuroDIG, starting from 2021.


Get ready for EuroDIG in Tampere!

Please register now so that we can better plan how many participants we can welcome in person in Tampere. We have summarised some logistical details on transport and hotels for you here: https://www.eurodig.org/get-involved/logistical-details/ 

If you would like to get involved in the session planning join one of the Org Teams. Simply subscribe to the mailing list which you can find via the Consolidated programme on each session page under Get involved!


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