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IGF 2023 is taking stock

All stakeholders are invited to submit inputs to the IGF Secretariat to assist with the planning for the IGF 2024 process. This is a call for feedback on the organisational, logistical and structural aspects of IGF 2023, which took place October 8-12 in Kyoto, Japan and online. Calls for thematic inputs will be launched at a later stage.

Feedback can be given until November 19 via the IGF website or by emailing takingstock@intgovforum.org. All inputs will be posted on the website.


“The Internet We Want” is open for comments

The IGF Leadership Panel is opening the draft vision paper “The Internet We Want” for comments. The suggested indicators are:

  • Whole and open
  • Universal and inclusive
  • Free-flowing and trustworthy
  • Safe and secure
  • Rights-respecting

Feedback can be given on the IGF review platform. An account on intgovforum.org is needed but can easily be registered


Call for Issues for EuroDIG 2024 

The EuroDIG 2024 Call for Issues is open until December 31! Everyone who is interested and has ideas on what to discuss at the next EuroDIG – taking place June 17-19 in Vilnius, Lithuania – can now submit up to 3 proposals in a simple online form.


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