Call for issues (not for sessions)

+++ The call for issues for the 2020 programme will presumably start on 1 October 2019 on this page.+++

1 October – 30 November 2018

Which issues should be discussed in Europe in 2019?

Access & literacy Development of IG ecosystem Human rights & data protection Innovation and economic issues
Media & content Security and crime Technical & operational issues Other

List of proposals for 2019

Media & content
Designing new journalistic smart ecosystems to restore public trust & truth & enhance democracy. Collaboratively developing a novel, effective...
Arets, Danielle Arets | 11-01-18 | 19:28
Security & crime
I think that for the countries of South and Eastern Europe it's crucial to define borders for the protection of data. Such as to create common...
Shentsova, Marina | 11-08-18 | 07:18
Security & crime
I would like to propose the issue "Open internet versus secure and privacy". How can we find the balance? Do we have to completely redesign? Or is it...
Brookhuis, Chris | 11-12-18 | 07:25
Human rights & data protection
Predictive policing software, neighborhood aggregate credit scoring and many other algorithmic decision-support systems highlight how the potential...
Mantelero, Alessandro | 11-12-18 | 17:54
Access & literacy
Developing a Common European Framework of Reference for Media Literacy. At IGF 2018, there was a call to create an American Drivers Licence for media...
Tjahja, Nadia | 11-14-18 | 08:35

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